Synton was founded thanks to member experiences gained in the IT field on innovative software solutions, developed for the digital management of the building process.

Its ambitious goal is to developing software that allows, even by less technologically advanced operators, to rule the IT solutions dedicated to complex processes management according to a modus operandi very close to the “traditional” method.


As a result of our knowledge of the guidelines of the European Community in terms of digitization of public buildings, of the D.M 560/2017, of the publication of the UNI11337 standards, and especially thanks to our experience gained as consultants for public and private companies, construction companies and general contractors, we found the lack of simple and complete solutions, oriented to process management, analysis, and storage of data.

We believe that an innovative software for working methodology, designed specifically for the AEC sector and according to the needs of operators in the sector, can accelerate the digitization process both in public and in private sector.


Synton works on developing a secure solution in terms of access, certified, that guarantee the data confidentiality of transmission and storage. A solution in compliance with the new GDPR directives.

The solution is editable and customizable without the need to write codes, featuring of a visual work interface that allows the operator to compose the sequence of activities to be automated, autonomously.

It is a solution designed for the Public Administration, also available in open-source mode as required by the Digital Administration Code D.L. 85/2005.


Development of applications for automation and digitization of processes according to the indications of Industry 4.0 for the exploitation of the growth opportunities, offered by:

The Artificial intelligence is currently perceived as one of the pillars of innovation worldwide; Europe and lately Italy have tried to give a perimeter to this trend.

Many applications have come to life, but we think there is still a huge room for improvement to create new systems and integrations based on artificial intelligence.

In AEC sector as well, there is a large amount of data that needs to be automated and managed, to have more accurate and usable information in the best possible way.

One of the uses concerns the creation of a virtual environment for the simulation of the construction site, aimed at the training of personnel. By importing the digital model of the building or infrastructure, it will be possible to simulate the construction phases, analysing, for each individual intervention, the critical issues in terms of safety for the worker.

The application allows to analyse and solve the critical issues on the virtual model, before going to the construction site, and to train the staff who will face the construction phase having a deep knowledge of the peculiarities and risks related to the specific construction site.

During the training phase each operator will be called to move within the virtual construction site, which thanks to a specific algorithm (which can be honed until it reaches the Monte Carlo analysis), simulates and reproduces the working reality, presenting a series of conditions and unforeseen events that will have to be solved by the workers on the virtual model avoiding real risks. The solution is totally visual, without audio and texts, it allows to overcome language barriers by providing the same opportunities for analysis, study and learning to the construction workers regardless of the specific origin, culture, and knowledge of a common language.


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